This powerhouse duo has been working together for nearly two decades bringing quality accounting services to High River and beyond.

Tonianne Witschi

Partner | CPA

After gaining her CGA Designation (now CPA) in 1995, Tonianne worked in public practice accounting in and around High River for over a decade. Then in 2009, she started her own firm as Tonianne K. Witschi Professional Corporation. With diverse experience in every industry she's probably seen it all - and more. Tonianne leads with laughter and personality and a passion for nurturing financial literacy in small and big businesses.

Tonianne K. Witschi Professional Corporation became Abacus & Field LLP in January 2022.
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Jennifer Lewis

Partner | CPA

Jennifer joined forces with Tonianne back in 2007 after working in both private and public accounting spaces in various agriculture industries in Alberta. She achieved her CGA (now CPA) designation back in 2012 and has been working with Tonianne ever since. She runs a calf-cow operation with her husband and two sons, and is active in the local 4H Clubs as a leader. Her expertise, insight and lived-experience with agriculture is an asset to our local clientele.

Image of Jennifer Lewis